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Professional Window Film Installation

Installing window film requires technical expertise, special tools and training. Although some people try to cut costs with do-it-yourself glass films and tints, this is a risky proposition and likely to result in a blotchy looking car tint or a home window film installation with visible bubbles or scratches. Don’t jeopardize the value of your automobile, house or office building; it’s safer (and less costly in the long run) to hire a professional window film installer to do the preparation and application.

Challenges of Installing Window Film — Automotive

CarTintInstallCar tinting applications can be challenging for several reasons:

  • The window film is installed on compound curved glass surfaces
  • Car interiors are difficult to maneuver in, and restrict access to the window glass
  • Precautions must be taken to avoid damaging the interior surfaces and electronics with the glass cleaner, water, tools and adhesive
  • Installation of window film on opening windows requires great care to ensure the internal mechanisms and door trim do not scratch the film during window operation

You can see examples of faulty automotive window film installations driving around town; they’re the ones with the bubbles, discoloration and peeling tint!

Installing Commercial Window Tinting

WIndowFilmInstallTinted windows save energy, reduce glare and enhance the look of commercial buildings. So it pays to hire a professional window film installation company to ensure you get the most out of these benefits. Improperly installed window film will not produce the desired reduction in solar gain and glare, and gives customers and visitors an unfavorable impression of your business. Shades of Texas window film installers are highly trained and have years of experience applying 3M tinting. Call us today at (512) 335-8909 to learn how professionally installed window film can improve the energy efficiency of your office building, school, store or restaurant.

Residential Window Film Installation

ResidentialFilmInstallIn Texas solar gain can make your home AC system work hard year-round; and for most Austin homeowners, air conditioning is the largest energy expense. Installing window film on windows, glass doors and skylights can keep your house cooler and lower energy bills. In addition, glass tinting reduces glare and UV light that can harm your furnishings, carpets and wall coverings. Professionally installed window film enhances the look of your home while preserving the view and reducing energy costs. And most 3M Window Film installations qualify for energy tax credits, saving you even more money.


Finding a Window Film Installer

There are a lot of companies out there installing window film, and it’s important to select one that has the professional training, experience and equipment necessary to create an effective and attractive installation. Window film can be difficult to work with — especially the large sheets used on picture windows, sliding glass doors and floor-to-ceiling commercial applications. Shades of Texas Window Tinting has been installing window film in Austin cars, homes and commercial buildings since 1989. We were the first 3M authorized window tint dealer in Austin, and are the only company in Austin authorized as a 3M Prestige Film dealer.

Shades of Texas Window Tinting

We are a family owned and operated Austin window tint and film installation company, and our technicians are trained and experienced in the application of 3M tinting products – Home, Automotive and Commercial. Call Shades of Texas today to learn how installing window film can enhance the energy efficiency and appearance of your home, vehicle or place of business. (512) 335-8909

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