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Round Rock Tinting

Round-Rock-Window-Tint-CommercialWindow tinting is an effective way to reduce glare and lower energy costs. Applying tinted window film to your home windows, automobile glass, office windows or glass doors can reduce solar gain and reduce glare — making your car or building much more comfortable. Call us today to talk with one of our auto tinting experts, home window tint consultants or commercial glass tinting professionals serving Round Rock, Texas.

Shades of Texas utilizes 3M window film specifically engineered for car tinting, commercial glass tint applications and tinted home windows. The 3M films come in a variety of shades and optical properties to give you the protection and look you want for your building or auto glass. The patented multi-layer technology of 3M window film blocks nearly all of the sun’s UV rays — protecting your car upholstery, home draperies and office furnishings.

Vehicle Tinting and Building Glass Tint for Round Rock, TX

Car-Tint-Round-Rock-MustangNo one likes getting into a car that’s been out in the sun all day — or sitting near a West-facing window on a 105 degree Texas afternoon. And we don’t like paying for the extra gas to run the car’s air conditioner, or the additional electricity consumed by the AC system in our home or office. Shades of Texas can install 3M window tint in Round Rock buildings and automobiles to eliminate this problem. Call us to learn more about the heat reduction and energy savings you can expect from tinted car, home or office windows.

Shades of Texas Window Tinting has served the Round Rock area since 1989, and was the first Austin window tint company selected as a 3M Prestige Film dealer. Our 3M window tinting products and professional tint installation services are ideal for new and used cars, trucks and other vehicles; and are frequently used in new construction and remodeling of houses, commercial and government buildings. Call us today to learn more about seasonal deals on auto tint and residential glass tinting.

Home Window Tinting Qualifies for Federal Tax Credits

Round-Rock-Window-Tints-ResidentialRound Rock home window tint installation can qualify for Federal Tax Credits as specified in the 2005 Energy Policy Act and 2008 Emergency Economic Stabilization Act. So, in addition to saving on your energy costs, window tinting can reduce your tax bill! Shades of Texas is glad to provide the 3M film certification and IRS Form 1565 needed to take advantage of these energy tax credits.

Central Texas experienced the hottest summer on record in 2011, and the forecast is for more of the same in the future. Don’t let the sun make your car or building uncomfortable — call Shades of Texas Window Tinting today to learn more about our 3M window film, professional glass tinting services, and happy Round Rock window tint customers.

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