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Car Tint — Austin, TX

Window-Film-3MAn Austin car tint can dramatically reduce the heat buildup in your vehicle. Without tinted auto windows, summer temperatures can turn your vehicle into a solar oven – cars or trucks left out in the Texas sun can easily heat up to 150 degrees or more. We all at Window Tint Austin know what it feels like to get into an untinted car; it can be painful to sit on leather upholstery, the steering wheel is too hot to touch, and the heat makes it difficult to breathe.

Benefits of Auto Tint

Corvette-Tinted-CarAutomotive window tinting with 3M film can improve the appearance of the vehicle and reject most of the sunlight, heat and ultraviolet rays. This makes your sedan, truck or SUV much more comfortable, and prevents damage to interior leather and fabrics. Car window film also decreases the load on the AC system – increasing gas mileage and saving you money. Finally, tinted auto windows cut down on glare, enhancing visibility and safety.

The Visual Impact of Car Tinting

The photos to the right show some of the auto tint installations we have done for customers in Cedar Park, Round Rock and other Austin locales. These car tinting examples include new and used cars, and a variety of window tint materials including 3M’s Crystalline, Ceramic, FX HP, FX and Premium automotive window films. You can use our car tint simulator to see what your vehicle would look like with different type and shades of 3M window film.

Protecting your Automobile, Truck or SUV

Mustang-Car-TintingAustin, Texas averages 228 sunny days per year, with summer temperatures that frequently exceed 100 degrees. In addition to the heat, all this sunlight contains UV rays that will damage your seats, electronics, carpets and other surfaces – especially the dashboard and sun visors. Professionally installed car tint can eliminate this UV damage and the heat that can shorten the life of a car’s interior.

Enhancing Privacy and Safety With Car Tint

With our broad selection of auto tint shades, Austin car owners can increase the privacy and security of their vehicles – making it difficult for people outside the car to see the occupants or valuables inside. This is a significant crime deterrent, and the resilience of the window film also makes it more difficult to break into the vehicle. Safety is also enhanced by the glare reduction provided by the tinted auto glass.

3M Automotive Window Film

Honda-CarTintingShades of Texas Window Tinting uses 3M auto film exclusively. 3M has the best window film technology, durability and warranty in the car tint industry, and offers a wide variety of colors and light transmission options. Shades of Texas has been an authorized 3M auto film dealer since 1990 when we were the only Austin car tint dealer chosen to be a 3M Prestige Film dealer.

Shades of Texas Auto Tinting – Austin, Cedar Park, Round Rock

With more than 22 years of experience in car tinting for Central Texas customers, we have the professional training, expertise and equipment necessary to ensure an attractive and energy-efficient auto tint installation. Our proven process and top quality 3M Automobile Film products produce great results; and our Austin car tinting prices are very competitive. Call today to learn about our current special offers.  (512) 335-8908

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