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Residential and Commercial Attic Treatments

Shades of Texas LLC focuses on energy efficiency in areas of your home or office that is most vulnerable to excessive heat and cold. Our window treatments will focus on the window areas, which are the leading source of heat in your home or office. Our attic treatments will provide energy efficiency in the second leading source of heat and cold gain into your building. Addressing all areas will create a living or working area that is more comfortable and much more cost effective to operate. We choose to only use proven, highest rated products in regard to buildings’ attic energy efficiency, Heat Bloc-Ultra Radiant Barrier and Owens Corning™ ProPink L77® Loosefill Insulation.

We focus on the 3 different types of heat transfer into your home or building. These are:

  • Conductive (energy transfer through solids)-Addressed in our Insulation section
  • Convective (heat transfer through air flow or liquid)-Addressed in Insulation section.
  • Radiant heat (heat transfer through electromagnetic waves)-Addressed in Radiant Barrier section and 3M Window Film sections)


Energy Efficiency with Attic Radiant Barrier
HeatBloc-Ultra is our newest radiant heat barrier coating. It has the lowest (best) emissivity (reflectivity) rating of any liquid product on the market today of .19. And our new Ultra product has almost no odor and very low VOCs so it is an even more environmentally friendly product.
Radiant (or infrared heat) is the leading cause of heat that enters into your windows, walls, and attic area. Our radiant barrier products are proven to be the best in the industry and block up to 81% of the radiant heat entering your attic area, consequently transferring to your living area. Radiant heat travels in all direction and is either absorbed or reflected, so low-e (emissivity) is a measure of how much radiant energy is absorbed or reflected.

Our radiant barrier will accomplish the following:

  • Low emissivity, high reflectivity – Keeps your home in the shade!
  • Improves efficiency of existing insulation and all other energy saving materials (HVAC, Window Film, duct work, etc.)
  • Excellent investment, normally saves 10 – 15% of AC costs, improves comfort levels
  • Only economical way to retrofit radiant barrier to existing structures
  • Permeable, does not trap moisture
  • Easily installed using standard airless or air atomization spray equipment or rollers
  • Does not block cellular or antennae signals as can occur with foil products
  • One operator can easily install 1000 ft.²/hour using a spray rig
  • Increase the value of your home

Ask our energy consultants why spray radiant barriers are a more practical long term energy efficiency solution for attics over foil attachments.

For more information or a free consultation call 512-335-8908 or click here.
For FAQ on Radiant Barrier click here.

Owens Corning™ PROPINK L77® Loosefill Insulation

Energy Efficiency with Attic Insulation
Insulation reduces the flow of heat through solids (conductive heat), and heat flows from warm to cold (escaping a heated home in the winter and entering a cool home in the summer). Insulation is measured by its resistance to heat flow by an R Value; the greater the R Value the greater the insulating value. Our insulation is certified for use in multiple applications, such as walls, attics, cathedral ceilings and floors of new construction and retrofit applications.

According to the Department of Energy:

  • Heating and cooling account for 50-70% of the energy used in an average home.
  • Adding insulation to DOE recommended levels can save up to 20% of an average home’s heating and cooling cost.
  • Heat loss through the attic is 3 to 5 times greater due to warm air leaks that pass through inadequate or improperly installed insulation.
    • Fiberglass is made from molten glass that is spun into fibers
    • These fibers create air spaces which restrict warm air to pass
    • Loose fill insulation eliminates voids and gaps
    • Pneumatically installed to a required depth and density for the desired R Value
    • Our insulation can be dense packed of up to 2.5 pounds per cubic foot, reducing air flow by 49% (equal to cellulose).
    • In addition, we provide and install baffles (aka rafter vents) in order to refrain from restricting air flow from the soffit vents on the side of the home to the ridge vents on the roof of the home.
    • A well ventilated attic is crucial to the success of radiant barriers and insulation by moving superheated air (or cold air) out of the attic area.
  • Department of Energy R-Value Recommendations can be found by clicking here.

    Owens Corning™ PROPINK L77® loosefill insulation is the best choice for weatherization with exceptional performance for air-infiltration and thermal performance. It has been widely assumed that cellulose is the best choice; however our loosefill insulation provides equal air flow reduction, while providing an R-value greater than cellulose.

    In addition to addressing the issue of conductive heat flow through the attic area, we also address convective heat flow (heat transfer through air flow). We combat convective heat in 2 ways:

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